Being a Reader, 1st Edition, Small-group Reading Set 9

Item Number: BR-SRK2-S9 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-804-1

Small-group Reading Set 9 lessons build confidence and comprehension. The set includes 8 leveled texts (at DRA level 24 or Guided Reading level L) that correspond to the lessons.


Includes the Being a Reader Small-group Reading Set 9 Teacher’s Manual, 6 copies of each text, and 7-year access to digital resources on the Learning Portal

Title Author
Not Norman Kelly Bennett
Happy Like Soccer Maribeth Boelts
Only One Year Andrea Cheng
Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole Wong Herbert Yee
Earth Derek Zobel
Golden Gate Bridge Kate Riggs
Penguins Valerie Bodden
Gravity Joy Frisch-Schmoll