Being a Writer, 2nd Edition Trade Book Set, Grade 6

Item Number: BW2-TBS6-REV | ISBN: 978-1-68246-300-0

Includes the children’s read-aloud books that are correlated to the lessons in the program. Representing multiple genres, these books also serve as mentor texts to inspire good writing and an appreciation for the art and craft of writing.


Title Author
Birmingham 1963 Shelley Tougas
Goldilocks and Just One Bear Leigh Hodgkinson
If the World Were a Village David J. Smith
Lost! Stephanie Turnbull
Mysterious Disappearances John Townsend
Ouch! Joe Rhatigan
Probuditi! Chris Van Allsburg
Rattlesnake Mesa EdNah New Rider Weber
The Secret Shortcut Mark Teague
Sideways Stories from Wayside School Louis Sachar
Sneed B. Collard III’s Most Fun Book Ever About Lizards Sneed B. Collard
A Teen Guide to Being Eco in Your Community Cath Senker
Thank You, Mr. Falker Patrica Polacco

Book titles subject to change


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