Caring School Community, 2nd Edition Teacher’s Package, Grade 4

Item Number: CSC2-CP4-REV1 | ISBN: 978-1-68246-411-3

The Caring School Community, 2nd Ed. Teacher’s Package for grade 4 provides a variety of components that support the teacher in building a classroom community and developing students’ social and emotional skills and competencies. See what’s included below.


  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Topic Week booklets
  • Trade books
  • Caring School Discipline: Teacher’s Edition (Grades 2–5)
  • Cross-age Buddies Activity Book
  • Assessment Resource Book
  • 7-year access to all digital resources on the Learning Portal
Title Author
A Boy and a Jaguar Alan Rabinowitz
Ho’Onani Hula Warrior Heather Gale
Benji, the Bad Day, and Me Sally J. Pla


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