Hi/Lo Fluency Practice Library, Grades 4–6, Collection 2

Item Number: SPS-FL46-S2 | ISBN: 978-1-61003-740-2

Struggling readers in grades 4–6 appreciate these high-interest, controlled readability books that they can read independently. Perfect to use with the SIPPS Plus decoding program or as an addition to your classroom library to support independent reading. Collection 2 of 2.


Title Author
Anaconda Vs. Jaguar Thomas K. Adamson
Behind the Plate Jake Maddox
Building a Spacecraft Tyler Omoth
The Cat Whisperer Jeff Gottesfeld
Downhill Skateboarding and Other Extreme Skateboarding Drew Lyon
The First Case Felix Gumpaw
Fox and Chick: the Quiet Boat Ride Sergio Ruzzier
Freeskiing And Other Extreme Snow Sports Elliott Smith
Friends Forever? Diana G. Gallagher
The Golden Book of Death Michael Dahl
Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express Margaret K. Wetterer
King & Kayla and the Case of Found Fred Dori Hillestad Butler
King & Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor Dori Hillestad Butler
Nico Bravo and the Hound of Hades Mike Cavallaro
The Seals That Wouldn’t Swim Steve Brezenoff
Soccer Show-Off Jake Maddox
The Stonekeeper Kazu Kibuishi
Too Many Dogs Jeff Gottesfeld
Young Riders of the Pony Express Jessica Gunderson
Zombies! Evan Jacobs

Book titles subject to change


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