SIPPS Beginning Level, 4th Edition

Item Number: SPS4-CPB | ISBN: 978-1-68246-917-0

A decoding program for teaching phonological awareness, short vowels, single consonants, and sight words. Students who complete this program will understand and use short vowels, know 81 sight words, and be able to read and spell new words. Developmentally appropriate for kindergarten and first grade and can be used for intervention with students through grade 3. Includes Intensive Multisensory Instruction for SIPPS. Learning Letter Names is now included.


  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Handheld Spelling-Sound cards (2 sets)
  • Handheld Sight Word Cards (2 sets)
  • Sight Word Wall Cards
  • Spelling-Sound Wall Cards
  • Reproducible Practice Reading Stories
  • Story Posters
  • Little Books decodable readers (6 sets)
  • Teacher’s Portfolio for instructional materials
  • Access to:
    • Learning Portal (7-year license)
    • Digital Teacher’s Set
    • Digital versions of the controlled-vocabulary texts
    • ClassView Pro assessment app
    • Card Deck App
  • Intensive Multisensory Instruction for SIPPS Handbook
  • Trace and Write student books (set of 12)
  • Learning Letter Names program:
    • Teacher’s Manual
    • 2 read-aloud books
    • Letter Cards (2 sets)
    • Capital and Lowercase Letter Cards (2 sets)
    • Capital and lowercase foam letters (2 sets)


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