2020–21 Implementation Support

Collaborative Classroom understands the need for intentional and specific planning, particularly during times of uncertainty and change. Ensuring that students feel calm, competent, and a part of the community is more important than ever. Supporting student academic trajectories, while maintaining strong pedagogy, is essential.

We have developed the following guidance documents for Collaborative Classroom programs to assist you and your students as you navigate forward, together.

Remote Learning Guidance 

In response to school closures, schools nationwide have transformed themselves. Collaborative Classroom understands the need to provide structured guidance if and when our partners need to transition our programs into a remote-learning format. This guidance is intended to support that transition at any time throughout the school year. These documents include guidance for both hybrid and fully remote options and all of the digital resources necessary for learning to take place.

Professional Learning Webinars

Reconnecting and Rebuilding Toolkit, K–6

Download the complimentary Toolkit.

Collaborative Classroom’s mission is to empower all educators. Our Reconnecting and Rebuilding Toolkit does just that, helping teachers reconnect with students and revive their learning communities.

Please note that this resource is appropriate for all K–6 educators, whether or not they use Collaborative Classroom curricula.

The Toolkit provides robust guidance for supporting students in both virtual and in-person settings, a series of developmentally appropriate Class Meetings and Community Chats, and specific recommendations for preparing for remote learning in a variety of circumstances.

The Reconnecting and Rebuilding Toolkit is referenced in all Collaborative Classroom guidance documents for the 2020–2021 school year, as well as our permanent remote support.