CCC Collaborative Literacy, Grades K–6

CCC Collaborative Literacy is a powerful way to organize literacy instruction. The innovative modular programs that make up the Collaborative Literacy suite—Being a Reader, Being a Writer, and Making Meaning—foster students’ ongoing development as readers, writers, and caring members of the classroom community. 

More importantly, these programs give teachers support to implement a set of practices that help students take responsibility for their thinking and behavior.  Collaborative Literacy offers an alternative to traditional textbook instruction through the power of the Collaborative Classroom. The programs can be used together or individually to address the core skills traditionally taught in the language arts block.

Integrating Rigorous Literacy Work with Social Skills Development

Supported by lessons from the Collaborative Literacy suite, teachers become mindful of their practice by using materials that engage and motivate students, develop critical thinkers, and promote reflection about learning and community.  Students learn to work both independently and collaboratively, respectfully share their thinking with others, and take responsibility for their learning.

Teacher Support

Collaborative Literacy provides teachers with programs to teach with and learn from.  Professional learning is integrated seamlessly into the programs so that teachers hone their instructional techniques, implement cooperative structures and routines for effective social development, understand lesson structure, and productively evaluate and confer with students.

How It Works

Students develop literacy as a result of multiple experiences with authentic literature. Students hear literature read aloud and have daily opportunities to read, write, and discuss ideas in response to texts. The CCC Collaborative Literacy suite provides coordinated reading and writing instruction that addresses the full recommended daily language arts block for kindergarten to grade 6.

  • Comprehension
    • Strategically construct understanding through rich conversation about texts
    • Comprehension strategies help students to synthesize and summarize 
  • Writing Instruction
    • Help for teachers to build ongoing, meaningful writing workshops
    • Students develop as writers using mentor texts in a variety of genres
  • Beginning Reading
    • Whole-class instruction combined with developmentally appropriate small-group instruction that meets each student where they are academically 
    • Authentic reading experiences with controlled-vocabulary texts and quality children’s literature

Supporting the Standards

All the programs in the CCC Collaborative Literacy suite were designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Common Core and other state standards.* For a comprehensive correlation of all the CCC Collaborative Literacy programs to the Common Core standards, download this PDF. 

Additionally, we have produced correlations of the standards to each program at grade levels K–6, available in the form of sortable spreadsheets. The documents can be sorted by standard, unit, week, and even day of instruction. To view the correlations, download and select “Read Only” when prompted. Any changes you make to a spreadsheet can be saved using “Save as” and renaming the document.

Implementation Guide

The CCC Collaborative Literacy suite of programs includes an Implementation Guide for planning and pacing lessons based on the length of a teacher’s language arts block. It shows teachers how to use all three program modules in a single classroom.

More Information and Pricing

To learn more, start a free trialcontact your local education consultant, or review pricing options here.


* Click here for alignment to the Language Arts Florida Standards.