Just Add Sun!

By Megan Green | Categories: Uncategorized

Summer is here (Woohoo!) and so is Sunlight Science, the newest AfterSchool KidzScience kit and the first Earth and Space Science kit. Hoo and rays! It’s time to have fun in the sun. With Sunlight Science, summer fun is as simple as walking outside.

Like all our AfterSchool KidzScience kits, Sunlight Science is filled with step-by-step instructions for every activity and all the materials you need to help children understand that sunlight is made of both light we can and light we cannot see. As children explore the light that comes from the sun, they learn that the sun’s visible white light contains all the colors in the rainbow, how to detect infrared light, and how to protect themselves from the harmful effects of too much exposure to ultraviolet light.

With Sunlight Science, you and your children can:

  • Get a sense of how big, and how far away, the Sun is using models
  • Investigate sunlight’s warmth at four outdoor stations
  • Explore the visible part of sunlight by splitting it into rainbow colors using spray bottles, CDs, and white-light splitters
  • Make sun prints using special paper that changes color in sunlight
  • Use special color-changing beads to test various materials to see if they block ultraviolet light

Order a Sunlight Science kit today and get ready for sizzling summer science activities that will have your children saying, “Science is cool!” We’ll provide the materials, instructions, and activities; you add the sunlight! Can’t wait? Download a sample activity today to kick-start your summer science fun.

See you outside!

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