Making Meaning

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It can be challenging to help students see reading as an interactive process that involves thinking, questioning, discussing, rereading, and responding to texts. Making Meaning lessons are designed to deepen teacher understanding of effective instruction and illuminate student thinking about literature, supporting the development of critical thinking and a lifelong love of reading.

Part of the Collaborative Literacy suite of programs, Making Meaning provides a full year of research-based instruction for grades K–6* that helps teachers deepen their understanding of best practices for teaching comprehension and vocabulary. The curriculum intentionally combines academics with social and emotional learning to create an environment in which students learn to collaborate, agree and disagree respectfully, and take responsibility for their own learning. Carefully selected nonfiction and fiction read-aloud trade books provide a rich, rewarding experience as students encounter increasingly complex texts and build their vocabulary.

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I love how authentic the lessons and focus strategies are. It’s what good readers, listeners, and community members do in real life.”

Monica McCurry, fourth-grade teacher

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Additional Libraries to Support Read-Alouds

The Comprehension Strategies Libraries provide grade-level books designed to support instruction of the specific strategies used in the lessons. These read-aloud texts can be used to teach the comprehension focus of the week, or as an option should a teacher choose to repeat a week of instruction.

Correlations to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

To correlate your instruction to the goals of the Common Core, you can use our correlation tool. It allows you to search by either program or Common Core standard to: identify all standards addressed in a selected program within a unit, week, or lesson; or find which lessons in any program address a selected standard.

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*Upgrades to the third edition of Making Meaning for grade 6 will be available in 2016. Shipping is 6% against prices at time of upgrade. Expires 7/31/19.

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